Joe Bussey


Bass Player

Ed D, Caldwell, NJ

"Joe's love of music, teaching and ability to connect with people of all ages will surely make his new company successful. He has been an important part of my son's lives and our family. I believe good things happen to good people - so I'm confident Cadmus Harmony will be a great thing!"

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Debbie G, West Orange, NJ

"If you are looking for someone special to enrich the very life of your child . . . . you've found it in Joe.  We have the utmost respect and admiration for Joe.  He is very well suited for the job and we would highly recommend him to anyone.  Joe is patient and very knowledgeable about communicating with children.  He knows how to encourage and then wait for the child's commitment.  He has given our daughter a very positive way to learn to read and play music.  He is a pleasure to work with and reliable.  Once you work with Joe, you won't want to work with anyone else".



Yafite B,  Livingston, NJ

"Joe is a gifted teacher and musician. As a teacher and role model, he is able to fuse the fundamentals of music, a love of pop culture and classics, and the motivation to learn. My teenage son looks forward to his lessons and picks up the guitar on his own avidly after only a few months of lessons with Joe. It is a privilege for our family to have found and to know Joe".


Hector A. Jersey City, NJ

"As an adult who never studied music before, it was a challenge to find an instructor that I was comfortable with.
It goes without saying that Joe is superbly knowledgeable on the subject, but more importantly he is very patient, and know how to adjust his teaching.  I have learned and improved more in 2 months working that I did in years of toiling with books and videos.  Another plus to that way Joe teaches technique and theory, he can tie the two together so that they're not exclusive concepts, and it makes practicing a lot more rewarding.
If you're looking for someone who is an excellent and reliable teacher certainly give Joe shot, you will be happy you did".

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